Trekking and activities with donkeys

in the Mélusine countryside.


Between Futuroscope and the Marais Poitevin, in the green heart of Grand Poitiers, La Belle Ânée welcomes you to Jazeneuil and invites you to discover the valley of the river Vonne at a donkey's pace on the secret paths of the Mélusine Fairy.

Hiking with a donkey

Hiking along the river Vonne, have a picnic by the waterside or observe the birds in the hedges along with your donkey ... so many ways to hike, on your own, or with a guide. Many nature-themed outings are organised all year long.

Trekking with a donkey

The donkey will carry your luggage and your tired young children along circuits from 2 to 5 days along the valley of the river Vonne, in the heart of the countryside.

Accommodation can be in guest rooms, lodges or campsites.


Health protocol



All measures of protection are in place to welcome you safely.



We are passionate about Donkeys!

  • Share our passion of this little-known animal, victim of too many prejudices.
  • Show you the secret paths of the Mélusine fairy along the Vonne valley.
  • Enjoy an unexpected tour.


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