Explore the path to the Grotte aux Fées (Fairy Cave), marvel at the birdsong, discover a castle at the turn of a path: so many unusual experiences to experience in the land of Mélusine!

The circuits are suitable for everyone, young and old. For a few hours or several days, live at a donkey’s pace. You can choose the duration of your getaway and the type of accommodation (bed and breakfast, a lodge or in a tent). Accommodation must be booked well in advance and will be paid directly to the owner. A detailed map showing the route and accompanied by all the explanations will be provided to you upon departure.

Accompanied Initiation package

1/2 day


This formula is intended for people who do not dare to venture out alone with a donkey. You will be able to get to know this gentle and intelligent animal and learn how to take care of him, then you set off, with a guide, on a walk for a few kilometers. A full-scale initiation!

Discovery walks

1/2 day or 1 day


Having received the necessary advice and your map, you set off by yourself through the surrounding countryside. The donkey carries your picnic and your tired young children, under your responsibility. You can choose between 3km, 5km, 6.5 km, 9km or 12km circuits.

An excellent way to discover Jazeneuil, its Roman church and its natural heritage.


2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7 days


You'll travel with your belongings in the saddlebags, having received all the necessary advice and your map. You'll wander along the paths of neighbouring villages with stops in guest rooms or in campsites, booked in advance.


Examples of tours

The path of the Grotte aux Fées

1 day tour

With your picnic in the saddlebags, off you go through the fields. You'll reach an ancient lime kiln, an ideal spot for a picnic, before approaching the village of Jazeneuil (Roman church, 15th century half-timbered house,...) by the banks of the Vonne along the path of the Grotte aux Fées. A picturesque way back allowing a view of the enclosure and the tower of the Logis de la Cour. Wonder guaranteed!

7 to 12 km



Jazeneuil à la Carte

2 or 3 day tour

Travel around the countryside with the donkey next to you to discover the historical heritage of Jazeneuil (Roman church, 15th century half-timbered house, Logis de la Cour...) while walking along the river on the path of the Grotte aux Fées.

Fully equipped caravans as resting places.

A good way to sleep just beside your long-eared companion !

10 à 12 km / jour



In the footsteps of Mélusine fairy

2 or 3 day tour


Follow the footsteps of the Mélusine fairy and the Château des Lusignan through woods and fields, without forgetting a detour through Jazeneuil. Don't forget your swimsuit for a swim in the river! This circuit is suitable to all, especially children.

Circuit extendable to 3 days with an intermediate day allowing for a visit to the medieval village and kayaking on the river Vonne!

Accommodation at the campsite (tent, pod or mobile home depending on the season).


10 to 12 km/day


Escapade to a Castle

2 or 3 day tour

Circuit intended to discover the heart of the medieval city and hidden treasures of Lusignan while wandering along the riverside of Vonne and back through the fields. A night (or 2) in a lodge or guest room in a Castle (conditions on request).

13 km/day




Trip to La Petite Houmée

2 or 3 day tour


Circuit to discover Jazeneuil and Curzay sur Vonne while wandering along the riverside. Accommodation at the rural campsite of La Petite Houmée in a teepee or vintage caravan (only in July and August). Stay extendable to 3 days with a day to visit the Gallo-Roman site of Sanxay by bike, the Stained Glass Museum and / or go swimming.

12 km/day


Camino de Santiago (Chemin de Saint-Jacques) through the Mélusine countryside

4, 5, 6 or 7 day tour


Share the spirit of the pilgrims by following a part of the via turonensis between Lusignan and Saint-Sauvant before returning for a stage through the forest and a halt at the castle of Mauprié; (booking info on request).


Lodging in campsite, lodging and guestroom.

This circuit is a perfect mix of all the charms of roaming.


11 to 14 km/day