Martin is not a common name for a donkey...

Nonetheless there is one in the Belle Ânée herd!

All our donkeys are trained in roaming. They have personality but are not stubborn... No doubt they will charm you!

Our donkeys are vaccinated and identified. The farrier visits regularly to trim their hooves.



Younger brother of Coline, he joined us at the age of 2. Shy by nature, he will get used to you after a lot of hugs and kindness. He is affectionate and adapts to the rhythm of children.


Romeo was born in 2005.





Born in the year 2000, she is the eldest of the herd. She is Romeo's big sister and Tagada's mother. A bit mischievous, she is very affectionate and as patient as a saint with children. Coline loves kisses!




Born at the house on June 26, 2011, Tagada has been completely pampered. She is almost like our child. Her patience is never-ending... She is Coline's daughter and Romeo's niece.




Caroline, our princess, arrived here in 2018 with Martin. Gentle, determined and easy to lead, she is resourceful and untiring on long journeys. She was born in 2005, like Romeo. She's Martin's mother.




Son of Caroline, nicknamed milk chocolate for his coat, Martin is very playful. Curious, frisky and very kind, he will do anything to win you over. He is the same age as Tagada.