Hiking with a donkey

Hiking with a donkey


Our donkeys are trained to pack and hike. The rental includes all the necessary equipment (pack saddle, bags, lead rope, etc.) and the circuit map with step by step explanations.



Before setting out

You will learn how to take care of the donkey that will be entrusted to you: currying, grooming, cleaning the hooves. You will get used to balancing the load. You will receive all necessary advice to lead the donkey safely and peacefully.


During the excursion

Walk in front of the donkey, holding him by the lead rope. Be careful not to let him graze whenever he wants, otherwise the route could be much longer. Be careful, the donkey will test you right from the beginning!

Have regular breaks when you can let the donkey graze along the path while you're checking the map or taking pictures.


On arrival at your stopover or on your return,

Provide care for the donkey: removing the packsaddle, cleaning the hooves, grooming, and put him in the paddock for the night (water, fence, etc.).





 The donkey load


The "Ânée" is the load which the donkey carries on his back.

Your companion can carry the luggage of 2 or 3 people, that is 30 to 40 kg. He is equipped with his material which is provided to you: a packsaddle, a halter and a lead rope, bags for your luggage… The donkey regularly walks with a sure step at 3/4 km / h, carries your luggage and welcomes small children on his back when they are tired, under the responsibility of their parents.


The hiker's tips


 For your comfort, be sure to take with you:

  • Comfortable shoes,
  • flexible, light clothing and rain gear,

  • a hat or cap, sunglasses, sun lotion,

  • a pocket knife, a yellow jacket
  • biodegradable toilet paper,
  • water and dried fruit.


Did you know that?


Endurance activity, walking provides multiple benefits on a cardiovascular, pulmonary, muscular and psychological level.

The walk calms the nerves down and reduces anxiety thanks to the production of endorphins, the hormones of happiness.

Walking allows you to tone up all the muscles in your body gently and without any risk.


Originating in North Africa, donkeys art part of the equidae family but differ from horses in many ways. Adept at of a sedentary life in herds, the notion of hierarchy is almost foreign to them. There is never one main leader among them but rather personalities who assert themselves on occasion without imposing themselves on others. Donkeys appreciate being together and consider humans as their equals. They are therefore very respectful to human beings.

Victim of many prejudices, donkeys deserve to be considered as an intelligent, thoughtful and very curious animals. No need to be a tyrant with them, it is better to respect and try to understand them. Though non-violent, they will nevertheless always be stronger than you. There is no point in treating them harshly. Especially as they have a good memory!